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Yes, these are the masterminds behind the sonic assault on everything you thought was decent in the world, Jehovah Gyra.

Dr. Sugar in his element, posing after a show.
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Dr. Sugar, aka Luci the Brave, aka Smiling Dr. Kagato Eiko, aka Booggity-booggity-bam-bam, is the genius who has brought you such inspired classics as Honeycomb and Eat Free Kids. Born in a pot of warm water in a trailer park somewhere in mid-west Texas, the little tyke spent most of his early years eating bugs and unabashedly playing with his genitals. No one ever even imagined what little Dr. Sugar would eventually accomplish. Versed in Satanism and Existentialism (and pretty darned fluent in the Japanese language), this self-taught pop-tunesmith presents to us his philosophy in grand, ambiguously convoluted style, putting nothing before campy un-humor.
"Damneddest fucker I ever seen" - some old nobody...

Captain Bob getting caught by the camera - a rare occurrence. What you don't see: moments later he attacked and beat the cameraman to death with his black yow axe. (Don't worry, it was immigrant labor.)
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Captain Bob Spider Ears, it seems, was destined to join forces with the evil Dr. Sugar in his quest to pull the scales from the eyes of a pitiful generation of young people. Never seen without his guitar and always willing to yow out some metal, the good Captain is definitely responsible for most of the "death" in Industrial Death-Pop. Some of his most memorable achievements can be found in Viral Notoriety: The Fast Lane and Gun of a Son. And those finely-honed spider-ears of his lent their touch to literally all of the pre-manufacturing stage of production of the album.