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Yes, good old Dr. Sugar is not ashamed to be a fully-active member of the Doom community. In fact, I love you guys so much that I want to make a set of Industrial Death-Pop covers of your favorite Doom music for your listening pleasure. I've got my drum machine handy, so just pick which map/maps you want to hear most. Of course, E1M1 is a given, but we hope to record at least 6 songs, depending on the response.

The Covers So Far:
So far we've done E1M1 and E1M8. I recommend that you play my ZDoom project A Warm Place (or here, as hosted by to get the real E1M8 experience. E2M2 should be done soon. Stay tuned...

Something New:
The second music wad for Richo Rosai's "A Warm Place" can be downloaded from here.

Doom Poll

The poll is not completely defunct. E2M2.mp3 is underway, and we've gotten plenty of votes from the first run, but feel free to continue to have at the poll.

Which Doom or Doom II map
should Jehovah Gyra cover?