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Eat Free Kids Lyrics

01. Feed
02. Honeycomb
03. Bus Accident
04. Born a Billboard
05. Strawberry Suicide
06. Dependence Day
07. Eat Free Kids
08. Everyone Poops
09. Viral Notoriety : The Fast Lane
10. Viral Notoriety : The Slow Pain
11. The Death Stick
12. Exit
13. Vomit Christ
14. Dancing God
15. My Big Peter
16. Weíve Got Spirit
17. Gun of a Son
18. Overthrow
19. A Day at the Circus
20. TV Evil


You feed your monsters...



Vomit feeds her like a flower
Don't let the TV go a-sour
AIDS thumbtack in the front row pew
You'd kill yourself for something new
Why not save us all the shit and
Put an altar at the Ritz?

God is a movie star

Turn you on like Chitty do
Red carpet for the chosen few
Jesus Christ could sell me coke
He could even sell me dope
Doesn't matter where you sit
Ticket like a crucifix

God is a movie star

Why not save us all the shit and put an altar at the Ritz?
Why not save us all the shit and nail a bible to my dick?

God is a movie star
God [untranscribable...]


Bus Accident

Hail to the man with the wheel in his hand
He's got us strapped so we can't fidget at all
I brought a spell for show and tell hell
And an apple for the teacher but a worm has grown inside
A worm has grown inside that I can't hide


big kid's messin' with me but I brought my daddy's gun



Born a Billboard

You'd get a lobotomy if Hollywood told you to
Slingshots and sodomy, but what's it all leading to?
Try to be different; it's why you're all the same
It's in to be stupid when we're so in love with fame

Malicious, superstitious, and oh, so delicious
The pretty girl is nice for sex
The wishes are ambitious
Call us heretics a
Superduperficiality hex

You change gods with the TV channel
Tube fed so much shit
Every new logo's on more prayer
Oh, god, let me fit

You give your trends away one piece at a time
Then pay to have them shoved back down your fucking throat
Toss your soul away like breadcrumbs on the ground
And then complain about the pigeon shit




Everyone Poops


Strawberry Suicide

I am your garbage can - I took it all inside
I would have died to save your pitiful world
I am the macrophage
I took in all your lies
Now I can't love, no I can't even cry
'Cause you punctured my heart, and you drank all my tears,
and you bottled my blood, and you labeled it "fear",
then you stuck it up in your freezer and fed it to your kids...

Strawberry Salvation

And do you think I died - that I died just for you?
I killed myself for something new
And we know in the end
We know that it depends on what you say, not what you do

"I look more like a candy bar than a crucifix"
"The lemons are in hell and we are the pixi stix"



Dependence Day

Yeah, we've gotta stop the killers - all the Abels and the Cains
And we've gotta stop the hate and all the fear and all the pain
I've got the mother fucking cure - you see, it's running through my veins
It is the mother fucking cure and I'm on top like an airplane

We're the addicts of America
It's an addict hysteria
I'm a slow quitter but I'm a good starter
He's the one dead, but I feel like the martyr

...and we love our country

Yeah, we've gotta stop the dirty for they desecrate the clean
And we've gotta stop the kindness and infuse it with the mean
I've got the mother fucking cure - it is the crutch on which I lean
It is the cure for all above and all below and all in between


And the blood flows like coffee
And the flag burns like cigarettes
And we wonder just what made them do it
We wonder just what drove them to it

We're the addicts of America

Now, we've gotta stop believers 'cause they've got no place to go
And we've gotta stop becomers - they've forgotten how to know
And we've gotta stop the TV because death's the favorite show...

And we've gotta stop The Savior because salvation's a deadly blow



Eat Free Kids

Cracker Jack
gonna crack
piss in an abortion sack

Little Red
in your head
tell me that my mommy's dead

And the angel scraped his knee
Can you kiss it and make it better?
And the kids all don't say please
Can we blame it all on forever

Santa Clause is watching you
The Easter Bunny and the Holy Ghost too
They feast upon orphans in a fictitious sky
Give candy to strangers for "the children must die!"

I can poop, I can pee
momma, daddy, look at me
by myself, no one else
fuckin' at the nursery



I'm a star, I'm a cop
Whackin' out on soda pop
Red balloons, fed cartoons
BBguns and smokin' frop


Diaper pail, "go to hell"
Gramma said that I can't tell
Rape my mom, eat my dad
"Gimme, Santa!" - I ain't bad



Viral Notoriety: The Fast Lane

We all got herpes so we said "just screw it" and we fucked each other anyway
Sister got AIDS from the cocaine (and) grenades but we really didn't care
we just fucked each other to hell

I'm a slave of my brain
I walk on a fleshy cane
I'm a nigger to my selfish genes

I'm a slave of my brain
I walk on a fleshy cane
I wanna die from a famous disease

We all shared the sex and we all ate the drugs - it was one big party at the end of the world
But when Death came a-knockin' still we couldn't stop a-rockin'
He had a fast car and we were dying to go

The eaters get fat and the whores get sick but I really don't mind because it just can't happen to me
The speed holes in my rubber make my dick go faster and
I got a blind faith in the death-icide in me


Viral Notoriety: The Slow Pain

I showed and told, and I found my place


The Death Stick

And I was scared like a little boy
And I was shaken like a little lady
The gods all gathered around their table
They told me a story I didn't want to hear

"Come on and carry the death stick, why don't you?"



I canít find the part of me that I used to love
Now somethingís missing - I am someone I donít wanna be
Bad things below me and I cannot breath high up above
I want to sleep but something in my head is killing me

I donít wanna leave
But I have to go
I donít want to face myself
But I canít forget what I know

I went to heaven but itís not what they said
I went to hell but it was all in my head
Came back to see if they had got it on tape
Ooh, there is no escape

I was a zombie and a monkey but that ainít enough
I wanna be a little bug with lotsa wings god damn
Donít need a mirror Ďcause my shadow fits me like a glove
This life was just a dream when I wake up Iím god, shazam



[ My mind is nothing. It has rotted but Iím not
quite dead. They picked out all my good like I was a banana
and whatís left is ugly. It is dirty as the stigma bled. This is
the Book of Life. I hold it in my broken hand. ]



Vomit Christ

I sawed off my innocence and sold it to the lowest bidder
Bought a box of sugar-dicks
I canít admit that Iím a sinner

The walls are closing in on me
I cannot see

Coughed up my Christianity - Now I can see


Dancing God

Constuction men kneel in the street and pray for a homeless
They bless his hands and they bless his feet but don't realize that he's soulless
I got that funky beat in my head
I just heard my God singing
He stops the fire that burns the thread of hope to which I'm clinging

I can't see my eyes
I don't feel my sun
I can't find my star
Where is that place?

A cute couple is falling in love as I cry in my #3 sacrifice
And I think, "The way the shopping bags smile down the escalator, Hell must be very nice."
I get looked at for a while 'cause the book I'm reading doesn't have any ads in the back
And as the cop decends upon the soulless homeless
I wish they would cut him some slack


I crawl into the sand
And lay my eggs of life
Or is it dead?
In my own head?
Where is that place?


Now where's the singing gone?
And where's my dancing God?
Or was it just a dream?
Maybe it's me
Where is that...


My Big Peter

Why do you wanna kill my peter pan?
Is it 'cause you resent him?
I think a boy's much bigger than a man
Let's reinvent him

Wise young man withers into a dying baby, and we call it aging gracefully
When your dick gets big you've gotta get a job and play dead like Everybody Else
Wise young man withers into a crying baby, and we call it aging gracefully
When your dick gets hard you've gotta get married and have kids like Everybody Else


Weíve Got Spirit

Who's gonna stop my touchdown?


Gun of a Son

Got a twitch, got a twitch
I know I'm right
What a bitch, stupid bitch
I wanna fight

Because Iím the one, Iím number one
You are all so stupid and I donít want to be here
Iím the one, I am number one
Son of a gun

He's got a date, heís so great
Well, I hate the prom
You donít want me on your team?
Well, Iíll kill your mom


Got a twitch, Iíve got a twitch
And youíre dead wrong
I want your blood, you stupid bitch
Iím hard and long

Break your head, rape you dead
Iíll rape you dead
Star cheerleader, make you dead
Rape your head



The old man at Wal-Mart's grin was toothless, but at least he smiled
He said "After pushin' drugs at the old folks home I gotta lay low for a while

And if you play with yourself you'll go blind
But if you play with somebody else then you'll fall behind
Just because they said that's the way that it's supposed to be
Doesn't mean you'll see their voodoo working on me

And before you give up hope just remember even superman had a weakness
And before you give up hope just remember that the Stupid Man cannot beat us



Your override's been overridden
You forbade, now you're forbidden
You cut me down, now watch me grow
I think it's time for an overthrow

Now it's time for an overthrow...


A Day at the Circus

I dreamed a dream, and it did seem
The talk show hosts were killers, and they were dressed as teens


TV Evil

I've got your violence prevention
I've got your chemical intervention
The show will go on without interruption
Cause there's a corruption in your channel-changing knob

So Don't Touch That Dial
Stay Tuned For A While

I've got me 12 solid inches
You're black-n-white thirst my color quenches
It's time for the commercial break
And we won't give up 'till there's not one fuckin' soul left to take


So come on, come on - Let's change the channel
Come on, come on - Change the mothafuckin' channel