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Ordering anything from Jehovah Gyra is simple. We make it simple. The prices are rounded and precise, and the shipping + handling is included. We just want our merchandise to be available to the largest section of our potential fan base as possible.

That having been said, allow us a word about our products. Jehovah Gyra's CD albums are just that - proper albums. They have color printed discs, glossy, 8 page, full-color lyric books and even UPC codes. The music is all digitally mixed and mastered to sound like any commercially available CD. If you still haven't heard anything from us, you can visit our page to download or stream some tracks there, or you can get them directly from us via links on this site. Our shirts are not low-quality material either. We use the same kind of fabric that you would find in any band T-shirt. The reason we charge as little as we do for them is explained by the same idea as above: we don't want sacks with dollar signs on them, we want fans. So don't get the wrong idea about the low prices.

Here's what to do once you've decided to give something from us a try:

Throughout the merchandise page, you will be able to follow links to more detailed information on each product. Each available item thus has its own page, and there is a "product code" on that page. The most efficient way to let us know what you want is to give that code to us when you order. Of course, if for some reason you would rather just give a clear description of the item, that's fine too.

Add up the number of each item that you want and the respective prices. There is no extra charge for shipping - it is included. And there are no cents in any of our prices, so you will be able to end up with a nice, round dollar amount.

Next, send us an email to confirm your order. Be sure to include the name of the item(s) you want, and the total price. We will reply to you to confirm your order and price. Then you can give in to commercialism and send us your hard-earned moolah. We accept Paypal, or a check or money order made out to:

J Hedges
PO Box 16891
Lubbock, TX  79490

All items will be shipped out as soon as possible. This likely means no later than 2 days after receipt of payment, but depending on what you buy it might be a bit longer. This should clear up as things get more fluid and predictable.

Don't forget that you get a free demonstration CD with ANYTHING you order from

And if you have any special requests (you need a medium shirt for your kid or dog, or a bigger one for your mom or horse, you want us to play at your Bar Mitzvah, wedding, or public execution, or perhaps you run an orphanage of kids who need music but can only afford gruel), let us know. We're flexible.